Control Panel Update v. 2.1.5

Version 2.1.5 (11 August 2010)
  • Automatic Order Confirmation Emails
    We have added a new section of the control panel: Ecommerce > Ecommerce Settings > Order Notification Settings. You can use this section to setup confirmation emails that are automatically sent to your customers as soon as an order is placed. You can even attach the invoice, customise the contents of the email and forward a copy of the email to yourself!

  • German Google Shopping
    We now support product uploads to the German version of Google Shopping.

  • Multi-Store Accounts
    If you have more than one store, you can now manage all of them via a single account. Simply use the My Account section of the control panel to make your Login Details the same for each store, and your account will automatically be converted into a Multi-Store Account. Once converted, you will see a dropdown menu at the top-right of the control panel that allows you to quickly and easily switch between your accounts.

  • Enable/Disable Logo
    You can now set your logo to be Visible or Hidden via the Design > Customise Design > Logo section of the control panel.

  • Order Notes
    You can now add Notes to each of your orders via the Ecommerce > View Orders section of the control panel. Feel free to use these Notes to keep track of the status of your orders.

  • Additional Updates
    We have also carried out various other minor changes, such as a few design improvements and additional category filtering within the Manage > Products. Also, the Invoice Settings section of the control panel has now been moved to Ecommerce > Ecommerce Settings > Invoice Settings.