Control Panel Update v. 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 (20 September 2010)
  • Unique Product Identifers (UPIs)
    You can now add Unique Product Identifiers to your products via the Advanced Details panel while editing a product.

    Unique Product Identifiers are product codes associated with an individual product. Also known as Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs), unique product identifiers include UPC, EAN (in Europe), and ISBN. Along with other identifiers such as brand and MPN, these values can be used by Google Shopping to match users' queries to your products when a search is carried out on Google's Product Search.

    For further information on UPIs and to find out if you need to include them, please click here.

  • UPIs in Import/Export
    Support for modifying UPIs for a product has been added to the Import/Export section of the control panel.