Control Panel Update v. 2.2.2

Version 2.2.2 (15 October 2010)
  • Add Banners to your Store
    You can now add banners, links and even Google AdSense to your store via the Design > Customise Design > Banners section of the control panel. This section can also be reached using the Marketing > Google Tools > Google AdSense option in the main menu.

  • Number of Products Per Page
    We have added an additional option to the "Browsing Options" panel in the Design > Display Preferences section that allows you to set exactly how many products will be shown per page when browsing your store.

  • "Find an Order" Tool
    While in the Ecommerce > View Orders section, you can now use the "Find an Order" panel on the right to search for a specific Order Number.

  • Export Orders
    A customised spreadsheet of your order history can now be exported via the Import/Export > Export Orders section.