Control Panel Update v. 2.3.1

Version 2.3.1 (13 December 2010)
  • Search Tags
    You can now add Search Tags to each of your products via the Advanced Details panel in the Manage > Products section. When a customer uses the product search on your store, the system will try to match their query against your product names and descriptions, as well as any Search Tags you enter. You can use this system to ensure that your products can be found for specific searches, even if the text isn't included in the product name or description.

  • Social Bookmarks Feature Updated
    We have altered the Social Bookmarks feature and it is now powered by This provides several benefits, such as the main bookmark links automatically change based on usage statistics and your customers' locations, and it also uses a more compact design. As always, you can enable or disable this feature via the Social Bookmarks panel in the Design > Display Preferences section.