Control Panel Update v. 2.4.3

Version 2.4.3 (18 April 2011)
  • Add Tax to Postage Costs
    We have added the option to apply tax to your postage costs in the Manage > Postage section. Under each Postage Rule you will see an "Add Tax to Postage" option; once set to "Yes", you can enter a tax percentage which will be added to the costs for that Postage Rule.

  • Product Selection System Updated
    We have updated the system used for selecting multiple products at once in the Manage > Products section. The small tickbox shown to the left of each product can be used to select it, and you can also use the tickbox at the top of that column to select or deselect all visible products. Once a product has been selected, additional options will appear above the product list. We intend to expand on this system in future to allow you to easily make changes to multiple products at once, such as re-assigning the category or setting them as Featured Products.