Control Panel Update v. 2.5.2

Version 2.5.2 (10 June 2011)
  • Google Shopping Updates
    We have redeveloped the Marketing > Google Tools > Google Shopping section of the control panel. Support for the following target countries has also been integrated: Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Australia.

  • Messages Updates
    The Messages section of the control panel has been redeveloped and now functions in a similar way to a standard email account.

  • Translate Updates
    The Design > Translate section has been redesigned and now features tabs to categorise the various translatable elements. The list of translatable elements has also been standardised across all of our designs. In future, we will carry out additional updates to allow you to retain your translations when switching design, and it will also enable us to integrate support for multi-language stores.

  • View Customers Section Updates
    The Ecommerce > View Customers section has been refined.

  • Design Changes
    Various other design improvements have been carried out throughout the control panel.