Control Panel Update v. 2.5.5

Version 2.5.5 (11 July 2011)
  • Pay by Other Redevelopment
    The "Pay by Other" system in the Ecommerce > Checkouts section has been redeveloped. You can now create multiple "Other" payment methods, such as Cheque payments and Bank Transfers, and each will be shown separately to your customers. You can even upload your own Payment Icon for each of these payment methods.

  • Category IDs
    While in the Manage > Categories section, you can tick the "Show Category IDs" box to view the ID Number of each Category. You can use these IDs to specify Additional Categories for your products when using the Import/Export > Import Products section of the control panel.

  • Manage > Postage Update
    If your Postage Rules calculate the postage cost based on the total order weight and you have any products that do not have a Weight value associated with them (or have a Weight of "0"), a warning will appear at the top of the Manage > Postage section to let you know.

  • Manage > Product Options Update
    You can now view which products are linked to each of your Product Options directly via the Manage > Product Options section.