Control Panel Update v. 2.5.7

Version 2.5.7 (3 August 2011)
  • Create External Links
    You can now create external links to other websites using the Manage > Pages section of your control panel. The position of these links can be altered in the same way as other links to non-product pages on your store.

  • Price Details Panel
    The "Price Details" panel shown while editing a product has been updated. You can now enter the price before or after tax, and the rest of the price breakdown will be worked out automatically.

  • Postage Rule Maximum Values
    By default, the final band in each Postage Rule automatically has its Maximum value set to "unlimited". This ensures that your customers will always be offered a valid postage option. You can now override this and set a fixed Maximum limit instead. To do this, just visit the Manage > Postage section and click on the red "Unlimited" link shown in the final band of Postage Rule. You will then be able to change the Maximum so that it uses the exact value you entered when creating the Postage Rule. This can be useful in situations where a particular Postage Rule can only apply to specific, small order values, such as a Courier service that can only deliver goods up to a certain weight limit.

  • Design Updates
    We have carried out a series of design improvements in the control panel.