How to Add your Products to Facebook


1)  First you need to generate the product data for Facebook.  Go to the Marketing > Social Media > Facebook StoreFront section of your control panel and select "Process Products" button.  Once ready you will be emailed and can continue with step 2.

2) Visit the following page and click the Create a Page button:

Note: If you already have a Facebook Page you can skip to step 7.

3) Select the type of Page you want to create, such as a "Local business or place" or "Company, organisation or institution".

4) Enter the details requested and then click the Get started button


5) Create a new account or sign in with an existing Facebook account. If you use an existing account, you'll be able to select which account you want to manage in future whenever you log in.

6) Add a Profile Picture and some basic details about your new Page (or skip these steps and add your details later).

7) Once the Page has been created switch back to the Admin user and visit the following URL to view our default app page:

8) Click the Add store to my page link.

9) Select the appropriate Page from the dropdown list then click the Add Page Tab button.

10) Once that's been done, return to your new Facebook Page. If you take a look down the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Page (usually has Home, About, Photos, Reviews at the top), you'll see an item called Store on there. Click that link to continue.

12) Enter your Shopkeeper ID in the box provided and click Submit. You can find your Shopkeeper ID on the top right hand side of the Marketing > Social Media > Facebook StoreFront section of your control panel.

13) That's it. Your products will then be listed in the "Store" app section of your Facebook Page. When a customer clicks on one of the products, they will be taken directly to the relevant product page on your store.

Changes made to your products will automatically be updated on your Facebook Page every 24 hours.