The Advanced Details Panel

Use this section to enter advanced information about a product.
Editing Products: Advanced Details Panel
Wholesale Price
You can enter a wholesale price or the price you paid for the product here. This is purely for your own administration and tracking purposes and will not be displayed on your webstore.

Enter the product's weight here, if you choose to keep track of weights. This information can be used by Postage Rules that have been created in the Manage > Postage section to determine the overall postage cost of an order.

Enter a brand here, if appropriate.

You can enter the supplier of the product here.

Feel free to enter any notes about the product here. This is purely for your own administration purposes and will not be displayed on your webstore.

Add Product to Additional Category
Use the "Edit Additional Categories" button if you would like to add a product to more than one category. A pop-up window will appear that allows you to select additional categories. To set additional categories for a product, simply select the categories from the list and then click on the "Select Additional Categories" button.

If you would like to alter the Main Category for a product, please use the Basic Details section.

Unique Product Identifiers (UPIs)
Unique Product Identifiers are product codes associated with an individual product. Also known as Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs), unique product identifiers include UPC, EAN (in Europe), and ISBN. Along with other identifiers such as brand and MPN, these values can be used by Google Shopping to match users' queries to your products when a search is carried out on Google's Product Search. You can use the "Edit UPIs" button to set these for a product.

For further information on Unique Product Identifiers, please visit

Product Search Tags
You can enter Search Tags for each of your products. When a customer uses the product search on your store, the system will try to match their query against your product names and descriptions, as well as any Search Tags you enter here. You can use this to ensure that your products can be found for specific searches, even if the text isn't included in the product name or description. Use the "Edit Search Tags" button to set your Search Tags.