Custom URLs

By default, the system will automatically assign a page URL or web address for every page on your store. For product pages, it generally looks something like this:

Setting a Custom URL for a product, category or non-product page allows you to specify a unique address of your choosing for that page. This is entirely optional, but it does allow you to simplify your URLs a little, and can also be used to prevent search engines indexing duplicate content by accessing the same page from several different paths. For example, if you entered "My_Product_10" as the Custom URL, the full web address for that product would become:

Once a Custom URL has been set for a product, it remains fixed and must be manually updated if you want to alter it; updating the Product Name or any other details will not affect it.

To set a Custom URL for a product page on your store, please use the "Search Engine Optimisation" panel shown while editing the product in the Manage > Products section.
Custom URL - Product Page
To set a Custom URL for a non-product page, visit the Manage > Pages section and use the "Settings" links shown next to any page.
Custom URL - Non-Product Page
Finally, to set a Custom URL for a category page, visit the Manage > Categories section, select a category, and click the "Set Custom URL" button.
Custom URL - Category