How to Customise your Password Reminder Emails

To customise the content of the Password Reminder Emails, simply visit the Ecommerce > View Customers section of the control panel and click the Customise Password Reminder Emails box. You can then edit the email text however you want.

You can also include Tags. Tags allow you to automatically enter data that is specific to the account directly into the email, such as Store Name or Customer Email. Below you will find an explanation of each of the available Tags:

[STORE_NAME] - The name of your store as set in the Settings > Store Settings section.
[STORE_URL] - The website address of your store.
[STORE_EMAIL] - The contact email address associated with your store.
[CUSTOMER_EMAIL] - The customer's email address.
[CUSTOMER_PASSWORD] - The customer's password (No Longer Used)
[UNLOCK_URL] - The link the shopper needs to visit in order to enter the unlock code.
[UNLOCK_CODE] - The code the shopper will need to enter to reset their password.