Disapproved or Invalid Products

If any products in your Google Merchant Centre account are showing as Disapproved or invalid, we recommend you carry out the following steps:

1) Login to your Merchant Centre account and click the Data quality link on the left. This page will show you any Critical Errors in your products, as well as any suggested optimisations. Failing to address Critical Errors can result in your Merchant Centre account being suspended.

2) Click on the Data feeds link on the left and take a look at the Status column on the right of the page. If you see a link there stating something like X of X items inserted (View warnings), click on that. You will then be able to see any current warnings, such as Invalid UPC value.

3) Double-check that each of your products adheres to Google's Editorial Guidelines and Program Policies. For further information, please see the following pages:



4) If you continue to encounter problems and are unsure what is causing them, please contact Google via the following page: