How To Enable WorldPay as a Payment Method

To enable WorldPay as a payment method, you must first sign up for an account with them. You can sign up here:

Once you have an account, simply tick the "Enable Pay by WorldPay" box and enter the Installation ID, username and password. You must then carry out the following steps:
  • Visit and log into your Worldpay account as usual.
  • Click the Installations option on the left.
  • Click on the spanner icon to edit your Integration Setup : PRODUCTION.
  • Enter "" as the Payment Response URL.
  • Ensure that the Payment Response enabled? setting has been ticked.
  • Make sure that the Enable the Shopper Response option has NOT been ticked.
  • Add any other details as they apply to you and press the Save Changes button.
  • Return to the Installations section and select to Activate the installation.
  • Enter some instructions on how Worldpay can test your store. For example, "Add product from front page to basket and proceed to checkout".
  • Press Save Changes to send the activation request.