How to Filter the Product List

You can filter the product list to show only the ones you want. This is useful if you have many products on your store and are finding it difficult to locate a particular one. To set a filter, click on the "Apply Filters" button at the right of the toolbar. A window will then appear allowing you to set a range of filters. For example, perhaps you only want to view products with a Stock Level between 3 and 8. To do this, you would tick the box next to "Stock Level", then select "Between" from the dropdown menu that appears. Finally, enter "3" in the first box, "8" in the second box, then click the "Apply Filter" button at the bottom right of the page. The window will close and you will then be shown only the products that match your filter.

Once a filter has been set, you will see a "Your Products Are Being Filtered" message above the product list, with one or more links to the right of it showing each of the active filters. To remove a filter, simply click on the appropriate button (in the above example, the "Stock Qty" button).

Filters provide a powerful way of finding the product you want. Even if you have thousands of products listed, you can apply a few filters and quickly narrow down the product list to a manageable size.

Your applied filters will also be remembered throughout the control panel. For example, if you apply a filter while in the Manage > Products section, the same filter will also be applied when you visit the Manage > Stock section.