The Images Panel

Use this section to add images of the product.
Editing Products: Image Panel
Select Image From Gallery
Use this button to open your Image Gallery.

Use the sorting tools at the top of the Image Gallery to order your images by Uploaded Date/Image Name (ascending or descending), set how many you would like to display, and change which page of images you are currently viewing (if there are more than can fit on a single page).

To add a single image, simply click on the thumbnail of the image. To add multiple images at once, select each one by ticking the box in the upper-left corner of each image, then click the "Add selected images to product" button.

The first image you add to a product is classed as the Main Image and will appear on your webstore as the main thumbnail and enlarged image of the product. Every other image that is added to a product is classed as an Additional Image and will appear on your webstore only in the product's details page.

Each image will have 3 buttons displayed below it: a Delete button, a Left Arrow and a Right Arrow.

The Left and Right Arrows can be used to alter the order your images are displayed. If an image is moved fully to the left, it will automatically become the Main Image for the product.

The Delete button will remove the image from the product completely. If the Main Image is removed, the first Additional Image to the right will automatically become the Main Image.

Upload Image
Use this button to upload a new image of the product. Simply browse your computer to find the image and click "Upload". It may take a few moments to upload the file - please be patient. Once it has uploaded, it will automatically be added to the product. The image will also be added to your Image Gallery.

Images with a file size larger than 500KB may not upload successfully. If this is the case, please reduce the size of the image in your preferred image editing software or by using an online tool such as

Accepted file types are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.