How to Setup a Spreadsheet for Importing Products

For further information about each piece of data listed below, visit the Import/Export > Import Products section, import a spreadsheet, and click the ? link next to each item when mapping your column headings.

Create a standard spreadsheet with the following column names or headings in the first row, each in a separate cell.

The following pieces of data are required and must be listed in the first row of the spreadsheet:
  • Product Name - The name of your product as you want it to appear on the website. Long descriptive product names can help with the search engine optimisation of your store.
  • Category - This is the name of the category to which the product should be assigned. If the category does not already exist in your store, it will be created
  • Base Price - This is the product Base Price exclusive of tax.
  • Description - This is the description of the product. Product descriptions should be fairly lengthy and contain as many relevant keywords as possible. You can provide HTML descriptions should you wish.
  • Image Filename - Enter the full file name of the image. Multiple images can be attached to a product by separating each file name with a semi-colon (;). Please note that each image file linked to must be present and visible in the Manage > Images section of the control panel.
The following pieces of data are optional but can be used to add additional information about the products:
  • Additional Categories - This can be used to link a product to several categories, so it appears on multiple places on your store.
  • Brand - This is the Brand name associated with the product. If it does not already exist in your Manage > Brands section, it will be created automatically.
  • Bulk Pricing - It is possible to give shoppers a discount when buying more than one of the same product. These are called Bulk Discounts and they allow you to discount the per-unit price as the number of items purchased increases.
  • Condition - This is the condition of the product, such as New, Used or Refurbished.
  • EAN - This is the EAN (European Article Number) code of your product.
  • Fixed Postage Cost - If this product has a Fixed Postage Cost associated with it, please enter it here. Leave this column blank if you would like the product's postage to be calculated using your default Postage Rules and settings, as set in the Manage > Postage section of the control panel.
  • ISBN - If your product is a book, you can provide the ISBN code here.
  • MPN - This is the MPN (Manufacturer's Part Number) code of your product.
  • Product Code - This is your identification code for the product. It can be shown on your store and is used to identify a product within your control panel.
  • Product Offer Discount - This is only used if the product has a "Product Offer Type" of 2. It is the percentage discount applied to a product and must be a multiple of 5.
  • Product Offer Price - This is only used if the product has a "Product Offer Type" of 1. It is the special offer price.
  • Product Offer Type - This is the type of special offer applied to a product. 0 = No Offer (default), 1 = Special Offer Price, and 2 = Percentage Discount.
  • Product Options - This is this ID number of the Product Option, as shown in the Manage > Product Options section, that you want to link to the product.
  • Product Search Tags - You can augment the product search results in your store by adding specific Search Tags to your products.
  • Related Products - This is the FWSID number of the products that you want to add as Related Products.
  • SEO Description - Enter your SEO Description here. SEO Descriptions will not be displayed on your webstore but they may be displayed on search engine results pages.
  • SEO Keywords - Add a list of relevant keywords separated by commas (for example, "keyword1, keyword2, keyword3").
  • SEO Title - The SEO Title will appear in the Title Bar of the browser when this product is viewed on your webstore.
  • Stock Quantity - If you track your stock levels, you can enter the current stock level for the product here.
  • Tax Rate - You can use this field to set a specific tax rate per product that is different from the default store rate (as set in the Settings > Price Settings section).
  • UPC - This is the UPC (Unique Product Code) of your product.
  • Weight - This is the weight of your product in either grammes or ounces depending on your store preference. You can change this preference via the Settings > Store Settings section of the control panel. If your Postage Rules are based on weight, each product will need to have a weight associated with it.
You can find a sample CSV template in the Import/Export > Import Products section of the control panel. This can be very useful if you are unsure how to organise your product data.