An Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

You can enter some basic information about your store into the Marketing > Search Engine Optimisation section to help search engines, such as Google, understand the content of your store. It is important to include relevant Keywords (words and phrases that you think customers may search for) in each of the sections below. Try not to include irrelevant words and phrases that do not honestly reflect the content of your store as it may negatively impact your overall ranking on search engines.

Search engines can be slow to update their rankings and it may take several weeks or months before your store begins to show up. You can potentially speed up this process by submitting your sitemap to Google - for more information, please see the Marketing > Google Tools > Webmaster Tools section of the control panel. You may also want to consider uploading your products to Google Shopping as this can potentially give results a lot sooner. Please see the Marketing > Google Tools > Google Shopping section to get started.