How to Map the Columns in a CSV file

Once the CSV file has been uploaded and parsed, you must map each column in the file to a specific piece of data for the product, such as Product Name or Price. A simple form will appear to allow you to do this. Simply use the dropdown menus to select which of your column names should be associated which each pieces of product data. For example, if you used the column heading "My New Products" for your product names, select this option from the dropdown menu next to Product Name section. If your CSV does not contain certain optional pieces of information (such as Product Code), simply leave the appropriate dropdown menu set to "Ignore".

Please take care matching up your column names with the appropriate product data, as mapping a price column to your Product Names, for example, is likely to cause problems or possibly an error.

Once you have successfully mapped each of your column headings to the appropriate data, click on the Confirm Import button to begin the final stage of the import. You will be emailed when this process has completed.