How to Set PayPal Return URLs

When viewing the Ecommerce > Checkouts section of your control panel, the PayPal panel contains a fields for Paypal Return URLs, for both successful and failed payments. In order to setup an Order Confirmation or Thanks page, please carry out the following steps:

1) Visit the Manage > Pages section of the control panel to create a Thanks page which you want to show to your customers after they have completed their order.

2) Once you have created the page, visit your store and navigate to the page, then make a note of the URL of the page as shown in the address bar.

3) Return to the control panel and enter that URL as the PayPal Return URL for successful payments in the Ecommerce > Checkouts section.

4) Visit the Manage > Pages section again, click the Settings link next to the Thanks page, and set it as Hidden. This will remove the link to it from your store, but the page will still be accessible if you directly visit the correct URL.

Once a customer successfully completes an order through PayPal, they will then be returned to the new Thanks page. You can repeat the same process to create a page that will be shown if the order fails.