Postage Rules - The Basics

  • Each Postage Rule covers a single method of shipping
    e.g. Standard Delivery, Next Day Delivery, International Shipping etc.
  • Each Rule can contain multiple Bands
    Each Band should cover a different order value, weight or quantity. For example, orders between $50 - $100.
  • For each Band after the first, the Minimum value will always be set as low as possible
    You only need to enter the Maximum for each Band after the first. For example, you can set the first Band's Minimum to whatever you want; each subsequent Band's Minimum will automatically be set to the previous Band's Maximum to ensure there are no gaps in your Bands.
  • The final Band in each Rule will automatically apply to all orders above the ranges covered in your Bands.
For example, you could create a Postage Rule based on the Total Order Quantity, and set up the first Band to have a Maximum of 3 and a cost of $10. If you then created another Band, it would automatically have its Minimum set to 4. You could then set the Maximum to 5 with a cost of $20. Using that method, if a customer ordered between 1 and 3 products, the postage cost would be $10; if they ordered 4 or more products, the postage cost would be $20 (this covers 4 or more products, not just up to 5, because it is the final Band in the Postage Rule and automatically applies to all larger orders).