What are Postage Rules?

Postage Rules are a set of order criteria that, when met, offers a postage cost to your customers during checkout.

Postage Rules can only be used to calculate postage costs using a single method from the 3 available options - Total Order Price, Weight or Quantity. Decide in advance what method you would like to use to calculate your postage.

For example, you could create a Postage Rule based on the Total Order Quantity, with a Minimum of 1 and a Maximum of 3, costing $10. You could then create another rule covering orders with a Minimum of 4 products and a Maximum of 5, costing $20. Using that method, if a customer ordered between 1 and 3 products, the postage cost would be $10; if they ordered 4 or more products, the postage cost would be $20. Note that even though the Maximum was set to 5, the system automatically sets this to "Unlimited" to ensure a valid postage option will always be available to a customer. You can override this setting by clicking on the red "Unlimited" link shown in the final band of a Postage Rule.