How to Restrict Postage Rules by Country/State

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Below each Postage Rule in the Manage > Postage section, you will see an Allowed Countries setting with the following options:

All Countries/States: With this option selected, the Postage Rule will be offered to all customers, regardless of their location.

Specific Countries/States: With this option selected, you can then click the "Edit List" link to specify a list of applicable countries/states. When a customer's Delivery Address matches one of the selected regions, they will be offered this Postage Rule option during checkout. If the Delivery Address does not match a selected region, this Postage Rule will not be offered to the customer.

If there are no matching postage options available to a customer due to their location, a message will be shown stating:

We are unable to complete your order as we do not currently provide shipping to your chosen delivery address
Click here to contact us to discuss further options

This text can be customised however you want via the Design > Translate section of your control panel.