How to Upload Products to Google Shopping

Once you have finished Getting Started and have set up your Google Merchant Center account, you can begin to send your products directly to Google. To upload all of your products at once, simply click the Upload All at the top of the page. To upload specific products one-at-a-time, click on the Offline tab and then use the Upload links shown to the right of each product.

There are 5 tabs in total, each representing a different product status:
  • All - All products regardless of their current upload status.
  • Online - Products that have been successfully uploaded.
  • Offline - Products that have not been uploaded to Google.
  • Problems - Any products that cannot be uploaded due to an error will be shown here.
  • Ineligible - Any products that cannot be uploaded due to insufficient data will be shown here.
When viewing the All tab, you can also see the status of each product in the Status column.