Visitor Statistics

You will see a few statistics about the visitors of your webstore in the Marketing > Store Statistics > Visitor Statistics section. Please select an option from the dropdown menu below for more information.
  • Total Hits shows the total number of visitors and page views your store has received since opening and how many of those occurred yesterday.
  • Hits Over The Last Two Weeks shows how many visitors you have had and how many pages have been viewed.
  • Browser Versions lets you know what browser versions your customers are using.
  • Languages Spoken shows you the primary language of your customers based on their location.
  • Computer Platforms allows you to see what operating system, such as Windows 7, your customers are using.
  • Biggest Traffic Sources shows you which websites are sending you the most traffic.
  • Most Recent Referrals shows the most recent websites that have sent you traffic (not the actual number of referrals).
For a wide range of detailed statistics, covering everything from the length of time spent on each page to the geographical location of the visitor, we recommend that you sign up for Google Analytics - visit the Marketing > Google Tools > Google Analytics section for more info.