Control Panel Update v. 2.3.2

Version 2.3.2 (24 January 2011)
  • Rollout of New Basket
    We have begun the rollout of the new Basket/Checkout system. As of the 26th of January, the new system is now in place for all stores designs. The brand new Customer Accounts system will be activated around the 31st of January.

  • Additional Translatable Text
    As part of the rollout of the new Basket/Checkout system, you will see a large number of additional translatable tokens have been added to the Design > Translate section. This covers all of the new text that is shown in the updated Basket/Checkout system.

  • Product Condition
    You can now set the Condition of a product (New/Used/Refurbished) via the Advanced Details panel while editing a product.

  • New Filters
    We have added two new options to the filtering system in the Manage > Products section. You can now filter by Brand and Supplier.

  • Sort by Product Code
    You can now sort your product list in the Manage > Products section by Product Code using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  • Order Notification Subject
    You can now set the Subject for your Order Notification Emails via the Ecommerce > Ecommerce Settings > Order Notification Settings section.