Control Panel Update v. 2.3.3

Version 2.3.3 (31 January 2011)
  • Customer Accounts Launched
    We have launched a brand new Customer Accounts feature. To enable or disable this feature, please visit the Ecommerce > View Customers section of the control panel. With Customer Accounts enabled, customers can create Accounts to save their address details, view previous orders and speed up the checkout process.

    Once enabled, you can also select whether you would like to allow customers to checkout as a Guest. If Checkout as Guest is enabled, Customer Accounts become optional, allowing your customers to checkout as a Guest if they prefer. If disabled, Customers must create an Account in order to checkout.

    We plan to expand on this system over the coming months to integrate Trade Accounts and other features.

  • Updated Import/Export > Import Products
    The Import/Export > Import Products section has been redesigned to provide a simpler layout and much more integrated help. We have also added the facility to import your Bulk Discount settings, and we'll be adding a system to allow you to map your Product Options to products in future.

  • Design Changes
    We've also carried out a range of minor design changes to the control panel.