Control Panel Update v. 2.5.4

Version 2.5.4 (30 June 2011)
  • Manage > Products Updates
    The Manage > Products section has been updated. You can now see a range of icons next to each product which let you know the status of your products. These icons show whether a product is Featured, Hidden, or has the Checkout Disabled. These icons can be clicked to quickly change the Settings of a product without leaving the product list. Icons will also be shown if a product currently has a Special Offer Discount applied to it or if a product is out of stock (as long as you have Stock Management enabled).

  • Manage > Images Updates
    We have added an option to switch between Grid and List Views when checking your images. The Grid View shows thumbnails of each image, whereas the List View simply shows the file names. Use the View Icons at the top-right of the page to switch between views. If you are unable to see any of these changes, please refresh the page the bypass any file caching in your browser.

  • View Customers Updates
    The customers shown in the Ecommerce > View Customers section now have a "Created" date associated with them to let you easily see which are the most recent.

  • Invoice Template Changes
    We have slightly modified the design of your Invoices to make them a little clearer. We also plan to add several new Invoice templates in future to allow you to choose whichever suits your store the most.