Stock Management

A group of step-by-step instructions detailing how to manage your product stock from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

Every store good store owner needs to keep tags on how much stock they have left. At Freewebstore, we make this easy. Simply enter how much stock you have of each product and our system updates this stock as each purchase is made on your online store.

You can also set up a stock level warning to notify you when you're running out of a product.

How do I enable Stock Management?

To enable Stock Management:

  1. Go to Settings > Stock Management.

  2. Click the toggle across from the label "Stock Management"

Once enabled, further stock management settings will become available as explained below. Use the newly appeared toggles and inputs to set how your store behaves when a product's stock level reaches zero. There are 2 options - "When a product is out of stock, I want the store to:"

  • Remove the Product from the Store - Use this option to remove products from your webstore and hide them from your customers the moment they become out of stock.

  • Keep the Product on the Store but Disable Checkout - Use this option if you would like out-of-stock products to remain displayed on your webstore but prevent customers from being able to add them to their basket. If a customer tries to add an out-of-stock product to the basket, a message will pop up informing them that it is out-of-stock. They will also be able to request notification when the product is back in stock.

There are a number of other settings you can configure in this panel too:

  • You can show/hide the stock level of your products to your customer on each product page.

  • You can show/hide a "Sold Out" image overlay that appears across your product images when that product is sold out.

  • You can also set up email notifications when your stock levels drop below a certain number.

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