How much does Freewebstore cost? A detailed explanation on how much each subscription plan costs with a link to our pricing page.

What does it cost to sign up?

Zilch, nada, absolutely nothing! When you sign up to Freewebstore, we do not ask for payment details. Your account is FREE for as long as you want. There is no free trial, simply sign up and start selling!

We do offer subscription plans that will unlock certain tools and features. For example, sign up for our Pro Plan and claim a domain for FREE and you also get the annual renewal for FREE for as long as you are on our Pro Plan. This is just one of many tools and features that we give you when you sign up for one of our premium plans.

Our Community Plan is FREE FOREVER! There is a monthly cost for our Premium plans which we have provided below:














See a full list of the features included on each plan on our Plans Page.

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