A space within the control panel to see the achievements you have gained and the achievements that you are yet to complete here at freewebstore.
This section in the control panel is designed to help you build your free online store. By completing each available achievement you will be one step closer to making your free online store the best it can be.
You can also view your last 5 achievements gained along with a progress chart on how many you have completed.
Can you reach overall progress of 100%?
Below is the full list of achievements at freewebstore you need to do to gain each one:
  • View App Center - View all of our apps.
  • Add/Edit Shipping Rules - Add or edit a shipping rule to your store.
  • Personalize Homepage - Edit your Homepage content.
  • Create Store - Create your Freewebstore online store.
  • Add SEO Description - Add an SEO Description to your store.
  • Customize Design - Add a logo, change your design colors and more.
  • Add Social Media Icons - Add Your Social Media Links to your Store.
  • Add a Product - Add a product to your store.
  • Add a Product Feed - Add a new product feed.
  • Check your Payment Methods - Set up your payment gateways to start getting paid.
  • Add a Business Mailbox - Add your Business Mailbox to your store.
  • Add/Edit Language Pack - Add or edit a language pack.
  • Attach a Domain - Add a domain name to your store.
  • Manage your Settings - Manage your settings.
  • Upgrade To Ridge - Your business is growing and your store just got more powerful.
  • Add a Discount Code - Add a Discount Code.
  • First Sale - Receive your first order.
  • Link to Webmaster Tools - Link your store to your Google Webmaster Tools Account.
  • Edit Invoice Settings - Make a change to your Invoice Settings.
  • Preview your Store - Preview your live store.
  • Change Store Name - Update your store name.
  • Add a Favicon - Add a favicon to customize your store.
  • Add Newsletter - Add a newsletter to your store.
  • Add Google Analytics - Add Google Analytics to your store.
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