Send a Dispatch Email

A simple step-by-step walk-through detailing how to send a Dispatch Email to your customers from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

To send an email to let your customer know that you have dispatched their goods:

  1. Login to your freewebstore control panel.

  2. Go to Orders > List All Orders.

  3. Locate and View the order you wish to send a dispatch email.

  4. On the right of your screen will be a number of panels. Locate the panel labeled Actions.

  5. Within the Actions panel, you will find an action that says "Send Dispatch Email", click this action.

  6. You will then be shown the content of the email that will be sent to your customer, edit it if you wish. You will also have the option to close the order by checking a checkbox at the bottom of the window.

  7. When you are happy with the destination address of the email and the content, click Send Email.

To edit your dispatch emails, go and view our help article on Dispatch Emails explaining the other actions that can be achieved with these emails.

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