Order Insights

A detailed explanation on the panels and the information in the panels of the order insights section of your Freewebstore control panel.

The order insights page can be very useful to the trained eye. This section will show you:

  • The top-performing products on your store.

  • Your most popular payment gateways.

  • Your top customers, determined by the number of orders they have placed on your store.

  • The most used discount codes, determined by how many orders they have been used in.

  • Your top sources. These are the websites that link to your store, this is determined by how many customers have clicked on the link to your store from these sources.

From this information, you should be able to work out where and how you should market your store, making this page incredibly useful.

How do I view this page?

To view this page:

  1. Log in to your control panel.

  2. Go to Orders > Overview.

  3. Click on the Insights tab.

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