Order Status Information

An explanation on the different order status' that can be assigned to your customer orders within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

To be able to view which of your orders are open and closed from the View all Orders section of your control panel, we have 3 pre-defined states, Open, Closed and Problem. Using these states allows you to see the status of each order without viewing the whole contents of each individual order. Below is a list of the pre-defined states and what they represent:

Open Orders

Open Orders represent new orders that have been received that have not been closed or deleted. Once an order had been fulfilled and shipped, you may want to set the order to "Closed".

Closed Orders

Closed Orders represent old orders that have been manually closed, typically because the order has been fulfilled, shipped or canceled.

Problem Orders

Problem Orders can occur for a number of reasons, although it is mostly due to the third-party payment processor, such as PayPal, not validating the order. This can be due to a problem with the payment, or sometimes it simply takes longer than usual.

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