Notification Bar

A website Notification Bar is a small header banner that sits on the top of your website. It provides relevant information to your customers without getting in the way of your website content.

The notification bar app allows you to display important messages for your customers at the top of your online store. This could be because you are advertising a special offer or displaying a discount code, or alternatively, you want to let your customers know that there is a delay on orders because you are simply too busy. The possibilities are endless!

How do I enable the Notification bar app?

To enable the Notification Bar:

  1. Log into your Freewebstore account.

  2. Go to Design > Theme Editor

  3. Click Add (as shown below)

  4. In the Add Menu, select Section to Page

  5. Go to Global Sections and select Notification Bar.

  6. Select Enabled.

  7. Enable the App if this is the first time using this feature.

  8. Add the message that you wish to include on your Notification Bar.

  9. Add a link if you want to include a link to a webpage on your Notification Bar (Optional).

  10. Tick the box "Open Link in New Tab" if you want a new tab to be opened when your user clicks the link.

  11. Add a button to the Notification Bar (Optional). The wording, text color, and background color can also be edited in this section.

  12. Click Save.

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