Shipping Terms and Phrases

A collection of explanations to shipping rule terms you may come across whilst setting up your shipping rules from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

What is the Minimum Value?

The minimum value is the value you set for when you would like your shipping rules to be triggered. It can also act as a tool to only allow customers to check out with a cart above the amount you have set. For Example, if you were to set a minimum value of $50 and you had no other rules set, your customers would not be able to check out with a cart total of anything less than the $50 you have set. Ultimately, giving your store a minimum order value of $50.

What is the Maximum Value?

The maximum value is the value you set for the upper end of your rule band. This can act as a boundary to another band of parameters within the rule or act as an upper limit of the maximum your customers can checkout with. For example, you have a rule configured based on weight and sending packages over 6000g is just too expensive to send internationally, you would set your maximum limit to 6000g so that your customers cannot checkout with anything over the upper limit that you have set.

Please Note: If you do not wish to set an upper limit on any rule, you must make sure that the last band of your rule has an upper limit of Unlimited.

What is the Price?

The Price is the amount that is incurred for each band of your rule. If the section includes "--" it means that your customers will not incur a charge for triggering that shipping band.

What does "Unlimited" mean?

This is simply a term within your shipping rules used only for your maximum limit. It means that your upper limit will cover all higher values.

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