Distributing my Discount Codes

A collection of useful ideas on how to distribute your discount codes created from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

There are a number of ways to advertise money-off codes to your customers, whether you want to do it privately or publicly. Here we have listed just a few things you can do to get your code out there:

  • Publish your discount code on your home page - you can do this by going to the Manage > Pages section of your control panel. Click on your home page (or another page that you may have in mind) in order to edit it. Simply paste your code into your text and click Save when you are done.

  • Place your code in a Notification Bar - you can do this by heading over to our App Center and locating the Notification Bar app. Once enabled and installed on your store. You can configure this feature so it displays any text at the very top of your store pages. Use it to shout about your discount code promotion!

  • Send your code to your customers by email - you may want to offer a code for signing up for your newsletter or an incentive to come back purchase more products from your store.

    To offer your code to previous customers as a thank you and an incentive to shop with you again, you could paste a discount within the email content of your Dispatch Emails.

    To give a code to your Newsletter subscribers, go to the Newsletter section of your Control Panel and click Send Emails in order to create and send emails to your Newsletter subscribers.

  • Paste your discount code on your social media sites for all of your followers to see.

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