Brave Browser

A simple explanation on common errors that could occur within the Brave browser that may arise when you attempt to log in to your freewebstore control panel.

Brave is proud to market itself as a privacy-focused browser, however, this can create certain issues focussed around security. Below is a brief explanation of how this could affect logging in to your control panel.


Brave by default will block all third-party cookies, this is fine and will not affect your control panel experience. However, if you have "cookies blocked" selected as shown in figure 1 below, you will find yourself having issues logging in.

We use cookies on our control panel to ensure we know who is logging in and to authenticate you as a user. Without the cookies, we cannot be certain it is you and authentication will fail.

We recommend that you select the "cross-site cookies blocked" (as displayed in figure 2) option in your Brave browser. This will stop cookies from other websites following you from site to site but it will allow those all-important cookies we use for logging in to your freewebstore control panel.

How it shouldn't look.

How it should look.

This page may not display all errors found, if you find an error that you think we should include in this section, please let our support team know and we can include it.

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