PayPal Setup

A step-by-step guide detailing how to set up Freewebstore's PayPal Payment Gateway from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

How do I set up the PayPal Payment Gateway?

  1. Login to your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  2. Go to Orders > Payment Gateways.

  3. Click Connect next to the PayPal icon.

  4. A new window will appear. This is a PayPal window that Freewebstore does not control.

  5. Enter your Email Address and your County or Region and click Next.

  6. If you already have an account with PayPal, simply log in to your account. If not, you will need to create an account and then log in.

  7. Once you have logged in you will be asked to verify your login. You can do this by requesting a phone call or receiving a text with a code to the number that you have set up with your account.

  8. Once you have confirmed your identity you may need to revise your account in order to accept payments. Follow the instructions and input the information that you are asked for correctly. Incorrectly entered information may hinder the setup process.

  9. Once you have set up your account, enable any PayPal Payment methods that you would like your customers to check out with and click Save.

All information entered into the PayPal window is handled directly by PayPal. If you experience any issues regarding the setup of your account here, get in contact with the PayPal Support Team.

What is the Advanced Card Payment Method?

Advanced Card Payments is a PayPal payment method that accepts cards without the need for a PayPal account. Do not be put off by the lack of PayPal branding during this checkout procedure, rest assured, PayPal will be the vendor.

What does the Fraud Protection Slider do?

This slider determines the strength of security, using 3D Secure, set for your card payments via the Advanced Card Payments method.

3D Secure is a card industry authentication protocol that allows card issuers to authenticate their cardholders during checkout.

You can choose whether to only accept orders that pass 3d Secure checks (High Fraud Protection) or to accept orders that are both enrolled and not enrolled in 3D secure (Low Fraud Protection).

For more information please visit:

What is the PayPal Wallet Payment method?

PayPal Wallet allows your customers to checkout using their PayPal account. Your customers can also use local payment methods such as Ideal, Sofort, Bancontact.

Enabling this method will allow you to enable PayPal checkout buttons on your product pages and your checkout. You can also edit how these buttons by clicking the Edit link next to the PayPal button section.

What is Pay Later Messaging?

Display pay later messaging on your site for offers like Pay in 3, which lets customers pay with 3 interest-free monthly payments. We’ll show messages on your site to promote this feature for you. You may not promote pay later offers with any other content, marketing, or materials.

I am not eligible for Advanced Card Payments, does this mean I cannot use PayPal as a Payment Gateway?

If you have been deemed ineligible for Advanced Card Payments, there is no need to worry. You can still use the PayPal Wallet method allowing your customers to check out using their PayPal account.

You may also want to setup another payment method, such as Stripe that will accept card payments for those customers that do not have a PayPal account.

You can check if you are eligible for Advanced Card Payments again 90 days after your initial check. If you are deemed ineligible again, you only have to wait 90 days in order to try again.

Eligibility for Advanced Card Payments is decided by PayPal and only PayPal. Unfortunately, freewebstore does not have a say in this. If you would like to appeal the decision, get in contact with the PayPal Support Team.

How do I change the PayPal account attached to my Freewebstore?

First, you will need to Revoke the existing attached to your PayPal payment gateway.

  1. Login to your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  2. Go to Orders > Payment Gateways.

  3. Click Manage next to the PayPal icon.

  4. At the top, you will see a panel with the following text inside: PayPal Email Address. Underneath you will see the email address of the account that is connected to the gateway. Next to it, you will see a red link "Revoke".

  5. Click Confirm Revoke.

  6. Once revoked, you will need to connect your preferred PayPal account as stated at the top of this page. How do I set up the PayPal Payment Gateway?

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