Tips for your Shipping Rules

A handful of useful tips to keep in mind when you are creating your custom shipping rules within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  • Postage Rules can only be used to calculate postage costs using a single method from the 3 available options - Total Order Price, Weight or Quantity. Decide in advance what method you would like to use to calculate your postage. Please note that if you decide to calculate postage based on the order weight, it is vital that you include a weight for all of your products.

  • Create different Price, Weight or Quantity "Bands" to cover offer different postage costs.

  • Create multiple sets of your Postage Rules to offer alternative shipping methods, such as Standard Delivery, Next Day Delivery and International Shipping.

  • The system will automatically set the final band in Postage Rule to "Unlimited" to ensure a valid postage option will always be available to a customer. You can override this setting by clicking on the red "Unlimited" link shown in the final band of a Postage Rule.

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