Google Adsense

A step-by-step guide detailing how to add Google Adsense adverts to your store from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

Google AdSense is a free, simple way to make money by placing ads on your website. If you've not yet created a Google Adsense account, sign up for one by clicking here.

Google Adsense makes good use of any empty banners you may have on your store pages.

To add banners:

  1. Log in to your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  2. Go to Design > Theme Editor.

  3. Click the +Add button at the top of your screen and then Section to Page.

  4. Locate and click the Banners option in the side panel.

  5. If you have more than one banner available, you will get a selection of which one you would like to edit. If not, you will be taken to the only one you have (more than likely the footer). Here you will be able to edit the text editor in the side panel.

  6. Save.

The size, position and number of editable regions in each of the available designs may vary.

How do I add Adsense code to my banners?

Once you sign up for Google Adsense, you will be given some code to paste into your banner regions. To add this code to your store:

  1. You must first make sure your shop has a custom domain (ie.

  2. Follow the instructions above.

  3. When you have opened the sidebar on your chosen banner (if you have the choice), click View and then Source Code from the dropdown menu.

  4. A new window will appear in the middle of your screen. Simply paste the code given to you by Google in this window and hit Save.

If you are not confident carrying out the above, simply get in contact with our Support Team and we will be more than happy to add the code to your chosen banner for you.

Advertisers such as Google require you to create an Ads.txt file to help ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense) who you've identified as authorized.

Creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over who's allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers. For more information: View Google Support

  1. Go to Marketing > Google Tools > Adsense.

  2. Use the field supplied to enter the ads.txt snippet to your store. You will see an example of the snippet you are to add on the Adsense page.

  3. When you are happy, click Save.

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