Custom Site Verification

You can verify your freewebstore with any website you like. We cover the main companies that you may want to verify your site with, however, we also offer the ability to add verification for sites that we haven't covered.

You can add up to 6 extra verification codes for other sites not already covered by freewebstore.

How do I add site verification codes for other sites?

To add a custom verification code to your store:

  1. Log in to your control panel.

  2. Go to the Marketing > Site Verification section.

  3. Expand the Custom tab.

  4. Enter the code between the 'name="xxxxx" ' and the 'content="xxxxx" ' sections of the code you have been given in the relevant fields within this tab.

  5. Once you are happy with the codes you have entered, click Save.

  6. Go back to the site for which you have added the site verification for and Verify your store.

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