Bandwidth Usage

An Explanation and advice on bandwidth usage and how to reduce/minimize usage on freewebstore using online tools.

What is my Bandwidth Usage and how does it increase?

Bandwidth is used when potential customers visit your site and view your content. The biggest contributor to your bandwidth usage is your images. For example, you have an image that is 1Mb in size on your home page (1Mb is large for an image), every time someone visits your store, they use this 1Mb in bandwidth. Now times this 1Mb by how many images you have on your homepage and that is what you are using in bandwidth when people simply visit your home page and leave.

There is no way to reduce your bandwidth usage like you can with your storage.

Your bandwidth usage is free for as long as you are with Freewebstore.

How do I keep my bandwidth to a minimum?

To keep your bandwidth usage to a minimum, try optimizing the images you have uploaded to your store and deleting any that you no longer use. This will decrease the amount of bandwidth you use when a customer visits your site. We use a few online tools to optimize images for our main website, these are:

We recommend your images be somewhere below 500Kb in size. The smaller your images are, the faster your free online store will load!

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