How often do I need to pay for my Domain?

A detailed answer from a member of our friendly customer support team for the question "how often do I need to pay for my Domain?"

When you "Buy" (or claim your domain free) a domain, you are registering your chosen domain in your name. This will be 100% unique to you and cannot be used by anybody else on the internet.

Think of owning a domain a little like a subscription service, you buy/register it and to keep it, you pay the same fee you registered it for annually for as long as you want to keep it (annual domain fees may change depending on the registrar). If you decide you no longer need or want your domain name for whatever reason, simply stop renewing your domain.

With our Pro Plan, you can register a domain for FREE and not pay anything for renewal for as long as you remain on the Pro Plan or higher. In essence, a FREE domain!

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