Visitor Stats

A step-by-step guide with explanations that aims to help you understand what exactly the visitor statistics section tells you about the performance of your freewebstore.

The main content of this page displays the number of visitors that have visited your online store over the last 2 weeks with the use of a bar graph. Above it, you will also see the number of visitors from the previous day and how many visitors your store has had since it opened.

The main content will also show you what the biggest traffic source was over the last 30 days.

In the panels to the right of the main content, you will see statistics that tell you:

  • Browsers that your visitors have been using when visiting your store.

  • Languages that your visitors were browsing your store in. This can give you insight to the main region in which your customers originate.

  • Recent referral sites. A Referral site is a website that has provided a link to your store. For example, a potential customer searches for something related to your store and your store pops up as a result. If your customer then visits your store through that link, Google will then be listed here as a referral website.

How do I view my Visitor Stats?

To view your Visitor Stats:

  1. Log in to your freewebstore control panel.

  2. Go to Marketing > Statistics > Visitor Stats.

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