Basic Details

Explanations to help you understand the basic details for discount codes before you start entering information within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

Discount Code

Here you are asked to enter your discount code. This can be absolutely anything you want, from "kjsdfgfbsdfgu10" to "Winter20". However, you will want it to be relatively short and memorable, especially if you want it to promote your offers.

Don't worry if you cannot think of a discount code to use. You can make use of our Generate Code tool that will enter a code at random in the Discount Code field.

Discount Description

Here you are asked to enter a description of what your discount code is for. An example of this would be "20% off over $50". It doesn't need to be too wordy, just as long as it covers what your discount code is used for.

Discount Status

You can select whether to keep your code Offline (meaning customers will not be able to successfully use this code in your checkout) or Online, allowing your customers to use this code to knock money off their cart when they are checking out.

You do not need to make your Discount Code active right away. You can set your code up for use and at a later date, come back and set the code to Online.

What is the Public checkbox?

If you check this box, it means Freewebstore or any other third parties can publish your discount code to help boost sales.

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