How do I remove Brands, Categories, Suppliers or Product Groups from my promotions?

A simple step-by-step guide detailing how to remove product inclusions from your existing promotions within your freewebstore control panel.

To edit the groups that you have included in your promotion:

  1. Head over to the Marketing > Promotions section of your control panel.

  2. Click the Pencil icon on the row of the promotion you would like to remove inclusions from.

  3. Navigate through the wizard that appears until you reach the inclusions step.

  1. If you want to remove a category, simply uncheck the category you wish to remove from the promotion and close the menu.

  2. If you wish to remove any of the other types of inclusion, simply click the selection to remove the selection and close the menu.

  1. You will then notice the green tick disappear. To save your new inclusions, continue through the wizard to save your new promotion configuration.

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