2-Factor Authentication

Frequently asked questions about registering, logging in to your freewebstore account.

Why am I not receiving the verification code?

There are many reasons that you will not receive a verification code when registering or logging in to your freewebstore account. Below are several possible reasons along with explanations on how to fix them.

The list is not exhaustive and we will be updating the entries below as new ones arise.

You have entered the wrong email address

Making typos when typing your email into the email text box is a common issue. Ensure that your email is correct and try again.

You have previously told us you don't want our emails

If you have previously marked one of our emails as spam, you are placed on a DO NOT EMAIL list. If you are on this list, you will not receive an email from us containing a verification code and you will need to contact support to be removed from this list.

Your email storage is full

If your email storage allowance has been met, you cannot receive additional emails because there is not enough allocated storage to accommodate the new email.

To resolve this, go through all the email folders for the email address you are attempting to register/log in with and try again.

Your email address settings are incorrect

When setting up a professional email address, ie info@yourdomainhere.com, DNS records are created on your domain. If these are incorrect, your email address will fail to work and therefore you will not receive any emails to that email address.

To resolve this you will need to contact your current domain provider to ensure that your DNS records are correct and to troubleshoot why your email is not receiving emails. Alternatively, you could use an email address that you know is active and fully functional.

If you are unsure about any of the above, feel free to contact or friendly support team or ask the AI bot on the register/login page.

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