Bulk Buying

A simple step-by-step walk-through detailing how to create Bulk Buying rules for your products from within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

At Freewebstore, we allow you to add discounts to your products the more your customer buys. This is perfect for wholesalers who like to reduce the price of the product as the customer buys more.

How do I add Bulk Buying rules to my products?

To implement Bulk buying rules:

  1. Login to your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  2. Go to Manage > Products > List All Products.

  3. Click Edit on the product you would like to add bulk rules to.

  4. Locate and expand the Bulk Buying panel by scrolling down the page.

  5. Select one of the options in the dropdown menu labeled Product Sold.

  6. Make sure the checkbox below is checked if you want to include different variations of the same product in your rules.

  7. Click Add Bulk Rule.

  8. Enter the desired values into the fields provided.

  9. When you are happy, click Add.

  10. When you are happy with the rules you have added, click Save.

The final Bulk Discount band which covers the greatest number of products will also be used for any order quantities above that.

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