Advanced Details

Explanations to help you understand the advanced details for discount codes before you start entering information within your Freewebstore Control Panel.

This panel is located to the right on the Discount Code page. There are more settings to configure that may prove very useful. You can set a condition that your customer must spend a certain amount before the discount becomes active and more.

What does the Exclusive Checkbox do?

If this is checked, you only allow this discount code to be used at any one time.

For example, if you have multiple discount codes set up and your customers decide they want to use all of them to get the most money off possible, if you set all of these codes to Exclusive, your customer will only be able to use one at once.

What happens if I set a minimum spend on my discount code?

Setting a minimum spend on your discount codes ensures that your customer is spending over a set amount (the amount you set in this field) before the discount code becomes active.

For example, you have set the minimum spend on your discount code to $50. Your customer will have to spend over this amount before entering the discount code provided. If they don't and they enter the code at checkout, it will not work.

What happens if I check the Expiry Date checkbox?

When checked, you will see you can edit a date and time value. You can set these values to any date and time in the future. Once saved, your discount code will be set to active until that date. It will then be disabled. This feature allows you to set up a discount in the knowledge that you will not have to worry about disabling the code you have created after a certain amount of time.

This will allow you to set up offers that end at a certain time, for example, "Offer ends at 12 am tomorrow".

What does the Auto Disable checkbox do?

Checking this box will disable your discount code after just one use. Allowing you to send one-time use codes to customers.

Once you are happy with the settings configured for your discount code. Click Save.

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